Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Brain Food Supplies

We must consume food in our daily life. If we do not eat food in a day, we will be tired to do something. Even we tend to lie in our bed room because we are not strong or do not have an energy of doing something. In the sense of our body needs to be filled by food to make it strong.
Reading book for our brain is like the case that I have written above. What is really the relation between reading book and consuming food for our body? Here, book is like food and our body is as a brain. Reading book is like giving food to our body that I have mentioned. If we do not give food for our brain, our brain will be difficult to result ideas. It means, our brain will be very weak to think. It is the same case when we do not give food for our body, our body will not be strong to do something. Our body is to do something and our brain is to think but both need food.

We will take food that we like to eat. We will not eat fried chicken if we just want to eat burnt chicken. In reading book, we will feel the same case. We will not read an economic book if we just want to read a self-development book.

What we eat will effect our health. What we read will also effect our own way to think. If we just consume a kind of food, our health does not grow well. The same thing, if we read a kind of book, for example, we just read a computer book, our brain just knows the knowledge about computer and we will be difficult to know the knowledge about social, economic, self-development, philosophy, and so forth.

When we eat more than a kind of food, our health will grow well. This is like with our brain. When our brain consumes by reading many kinds of books, such as social, economic, self-development, philosophy, etc, our brain will grow well and ideas of creating something will be easier. It means, we need to make balance of reading books.

Thus, stay our healthy by consuming food regularly. Giving food to our body will make us strong to do what we will do. Giving food to our brain by reading books will make our brain grows well. Our brain will create bright thoughts and ideas when it is kept by reading books regularly./Wr. Immer
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