Thursday, October 30, 2008

How I can memorize English vocabularies

There are three ways how I can memorize English Vocabularies. Actually, memorizing English Vocabularies is not easy for me. I have been learning English for more seven years since I was in Junior High School. I can feel how many words of English Vocabularies that I have memorized till right now.

The first way of memorizing English Vocabularies that I often do is writing down it in a piece of paper or flashcard. It can be easy for me to remember and easy to bring everywhere. I also write down the meaning of the word at the back of the flashcard to ensure me understand what the meaning of the word is. I can also write down one or two English Vocabularies in one flashcard.

The second, I often memorize it from the dictionary directly. I memorize it by creating some sentences from the word that I have just memorized. It will be easier for me to remember the meaning of the word when I create the sentences from that word. I often do this more than writing it down on a flashcard because this is easier for me to remember.

The last way that I often do is recording and saving it on Mobile Phone. This is very simple to do and easy to remember when I almost forget the word. Listening to it is the easiest to memorize from what I have done above. Those ways help me to improve and enrich my English Vocabularies./Wr, Immer
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