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Singing with soul

In this world, everyone must know a song even they ever sing a song, whether they sing for themselves or others. We have known a song from our ancestor’s era even we now still listen to the song around us like folk songs such as Es Lilin (West Java), Kambanglah Bungo (Sumatera), Kicir-kicir (Jakarta), Gundul-gundul Pacul (East Java) and so on. It is not only found in Indonesia but the other countries also have their anthem which proves that the activities of singing are a part of our daily life.

In general, singing can be defined with various understandings, it depends on what perspective we view and value that thing. Singing has a close relation with feeling, experience and imagination. It is the same as components in terms of singing such as rhythm and tone. The technique of singing can be easily controlled if we can perceive the atmosphere of a song. Perceiving a song will appear a character or a characteristic of sound which is desired by those whose hobby’s singing even it is nowadays needed by the entertainment. A singer is an actor who entertains his audiences with a sound and nice tone which can be able to give an attraction to them. Singing without a burden is a key to success of a performance.

1. VOCAL TRICK I (Basic)

a. Respiration

Respiration is a basic technique of a very important vocal trick. To have a long breath when singing a song, we are supposed to use an abdomen respiration because our abdomen can accommodate more air than our chest so that we can manage the rhythm when singing a song.

Abdomen respiration training: inhale the air through our nose saved in abdomen (our stomach will be puffed up when inhaling the air), exhale through our mouth (our stomach will be shrunk when exhaling the air)

b. Articulation

Articulation is also an important thing which has an influence when singing a song. This one will be very important when the audiences clearly listen to the song which is being sung.

Articulation training: the articulating of A-I-U-E-O

c. The introduction of a tone

The introduction of a tone functions to avoid false tones when singing a song and simplify a singer in following the notation.

Training: understanding the basic tones such as Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si by singing the basic tones

d. Pitch Control

This functions as a tone controller when singing a song as well as functions to stabilize a tone when playing the rhythm of a song so that there is no false tone.

Training: singing a song by pitch control.

2. VOCAL TRICK II (Intermediate)

We can easily follow this kind one if we manage the technique of the basic vocal trick in which this vocal trick is the continuation of the basic vocal trick by adding the first technique with techniques which can strengthen our ability in singing a song.

a. Improvement

This functions to strengthen a character or characteristic when singing a song. The advantage is we can sing with our own style without imitating the style of the original singer.

Training: singing others’ song by our own style

b. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence will appear when we can strongly manage the basic technique. By managing the basic technique, we can’t be nervous when singing a song on the stage.

Training: singing a song for others

c. Combining choreographies and songs

This technique has a close relation to pitch control. This technique can simplify us when singing a song which has a fast beat.

Training: singing a song which has a good beat by combining choreographies and songs

d. Imagination

There are many well-known singers such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Vina Panduwinata who have a very strong imagination when singing a song and it can be seen from the way they show their expressions in experiencing their songs so that every song sung by them has a strength which can not be performed by others. The strength of imagination can make us as a magnate to the audiences.

Training: training the imagination of the atmosphere of a song.

3. VOCAL TRICK III (Advance)

This is the last vocal trick where we can show our expression up as far as we like. It means that we sincerely show our performance when singing a song in which it can bring us to sing a song without a burden. For anyone who likes singing, just sing for yourself and others. We freely determine a song that we want to sing and the kind of music which follows our song. Yet, as a professional singer, we are supposed to be able to manage the techniques of various kinds of songs.

a. Becoming a magnate for every performance

The most difficulty to be a singer is when we become a magnate to the audiences. However, this will be easy when managing a song and understanding the lyric of the song that will make us as a person described or told in the song by imagining and experiencing the atmosphere of the song. In this case, we are creating our own expression in singing the song. The expression is a symbol of the atmosphere that appears because of a cause. The expression or style becomes a high value besides our voice

Training: singing by experiencing a song.

b. Inner

Style has various meanings. For instance, physically, our style to wear or this is commonly called as a costume. The other style is the style that we have in ourselves called inner. This inner functions as the most important for everyone whether they are a singer or not. Yet, those whose profession is in entertainment, this becomes a great value because we can have a good career for long term.


Singing is an easy thing. Becoming a singer, however, we have to be courageous to sing a song from our inner conscience which can give a quality performance and become a source of inspiration for the listeners without omitting the techniques of singing where it can make us as a magnate for the listeners./Tr, Immer
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