Thursday, November 13, 2008

A "distress" Speech

In this time, I am going to deliver about distress, and my point is how to overcome distress. Let me give you the definition of distress. What is really distress defined here? Distress is defined as having great pain, anxiety, sorrow, affliction, suffering, unfulfilled desire and trouble. In medicine, distress is stress caused by adverse events. For instance, I want to celebrate my birthday party and I have invited many friends, but none of them can come, I will be stress about this. Above, I mentioned about problems as one of the part of distress. The problems also can make us distress when we can’t solve our daily problems of life and also stress can come upon us when we are broken-hearted. Basically, distress is our body’s way of responding to what it views as a tragic or upsetting event in our life.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Before I deliver my point on my speech today, we have to remember that distress occurs when we prolong emotional stress and don’t deal with it in a positive manner.
Now, Here are some ways how to overcome distress which is also in the sense of stress.
  • We must avoid unnecessary stressful situations.
  • We must do one thing at a time.
  • We must read books. Reading books can relax us and relaxation helps us to reserve our energy.
  • Practice smiling within, and smiling with our eyes.
  • Using breathing exercises to slow down increased heart rate, caused by stress.
  • We must avoid unnecessary conflicts, and manage inner conflict.
  • We must see the funny side of life, and not take petty things too seriously.
  • We must keep smiling and laughing. When we laugh, the brain sends happy signal to our mind.
  • And the last one, keep a positive thinking about problems of life
Hopefully, we can be healed from our distress by practicing those. we can’t help facing problems but do not allow problems make us distress every time and always have a positive thinking as I delivered to you about three weeks ago.
Thank you very much./Wr, Immer

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