Thursday, November 13, 2008

Watch out for Cyber Bullying!

Violence can happen in form of and through any mass media. Parents had better take care, don’t let what they love much is to be a victim of violence for cyber bullying.

A research which was done by a researcher from University of York, England, found 15% from 11.000 teenagers ever received a message of violence. They also admitted that they ever received a profane message through short message service and e-mail. As AFP released, they who became a victim of violence for cyber bullying were dominated by female teenagers.

Nathalie Noret, one of the researcher said that cyber bullying is an indirect violence. “this is important to be understood because this during, people just know that violence can happen physically or when they meet directly,” she said.

Further she said that teachers and parents need to realize, a handphone and computer do not only function as a communicative tool. But they are also used as mass media to do violence toward children when they are at home.

Last February, the MSN Computer Company found one of the 10 teenagers in England has been a victim for cyber bullying. A half of 500 teenagers who were researched felt that their parent did not realize that they could be a victim of violence from Internet.

John Carr, the chief of Children’s Charities’ Coalition for Internet Safety said that this violence could cause teenagers were afraid to have relation with other people and chose if they wanted to make relation with no one. Even, they could feel so traumatic that they would be reluctant to use them as a communicative tool.

This research may be able to be a warning to parents so they will ask about the content of the message and e-mail to children. Thus, parents can give advice to them phsycologically./Wr. Immer

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