Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Difficulty of Making Friends

Many people can easily make friends in their daily life. They can influence people or they can keep a good relationship with others. It is not easy for me to make friends. Sometimes, I try to check myself why this comes into my life.
I believe that I won’t feel this if there is no something wrong in my life. When I try to check myself, I find something wrong that makes me like this. I have a brother and I still remember what he has done for me. I can not forget this event in my life.
A few years ago, when I was in elementary school, I could not go anywhere unless my brother allowed me to go. He was very rude to me. He did not want me to go with my the other friends. He just wanted me to stay home.
This makes me can not be free to speak with my other friends. This attitude comes within me and what I felt when my brother did this to me, it is also what I feel right now. I can not easily drive this away from my life. I feel that the basic of how to make friends or keep relationship has been wrong or it has lost.
What I felt about fifteen years ago effects my life and how I can make relationship with other people. I try to forget what I have felt. I also try to change this in order that I can easily make a good relation. When I do this, I often feel that I still fail.
What I do now is I read some self-development books and try to practice what I read especially a book that tells about the influence. This is not enough for me to do. I have to practice directly by meeting other people and speaking up when I meet somebody. I just hope that I can do my best to keep my relation that I have done till right now./Wr, Immer
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